Album PLanning

Pre-recording & planning steps

  1. Are you making an EP, an album, or an album series?

We are making an album. There are five groups in total each making four tracks. The concept for the album is cities around the world, and each track is supposed to represent a city.

  1. Choose your songs

London – Electronically produced. This track went through a couple iterations with everyone coming forth to pitch ideas. We chose this to be electronically produced because it was convenient for the sound we were looking for.

Detroit – Acoustic performance. Charlie had come forth with a musical idea and we quickly made a demo which sounded nice and we imagined it would sound nice with live instruments so we decided to have this track be acoustic.  We are planning on inviting musicians to help us play all the instruments. I may pitch in to perform the lyrics if it is required.

Berlin – Acoustic performance. We made a quick demo which we decided was sufficient in the moment to build on later. We are planning on inviting musicians to help us play all the instruments. I plan on writing a rap in German to perform for this song.

Tokyo – Electronically produced. We chose this to be electronically produced because it was convenient for the sound we were looking for. This would have been the hardest to do acoustically, so we chose to produce this electronically so that we could incorporate Eastern sounds electronically instead of actually bringing in instruments from that region.

  1. Record at home or at a professional studio?

All recording to be done in college using the studios, vocal booths and microphones to hand. We produced all too the tracks so far in college as well. For time’s sake, I am taking a copy of the Berlin demo to write lyrics to in my own time and then run it by the rest of my team when it’s done. Other bits and pieces were also edited outside of college by the other members of my team, but all edits were discussed and agreed on. All recording will take place in college however.

  1. Produce / Demo Tracks

All four tracks are structurally complete. The two electronic tracks are finished and ready to be mixed and mastered properly. However, if we are ahead of time in our schedule we were thinking of going back and editing the two electronic tracks a little more for perfection’s sake. The demo tracks are done as well, and I have sent the musicians the music scores to practice with. Craig had notified us at the end of the session in which we finished the demo tracks that our acoustic tracks needed to include a full band. We had not initially included guitars in our demo tracks and had not considered this aspect, so we are thinking of how to improvise or write a guitar part in.

  1. Fine tune your Ideas.

Ideas and demo tracks were narrowed down until one main idea was focused on for each electronically prod. Track. Each track now has a defined idea.

Recording steps

  1. Make mixes, listen, get feedback, and repeat

Recording the lyrics took a while with many different takes and ideas but the group eventually was eventually satisfied with the recordings we have. We are still writing lyrics for the acoustic tracks.

  1. Make final mixes

We will concentrate on the final mix-down of all tracks once they are all together and recorded to a good standard.

C. Mastering & post-production steps

  1. Choose a mastering house (In House College Mastering + Outside)
  1. Have the right formats and ask what files they need
  1. Decide the track order for the album



  1. Decide on the amount of space between songs

Legal steps.

  1. Document who owns the songs and sound recordings.




  1. Get permission for cover songs, samples, and loops.



  1. Clear the legal status of all the artwork.



  1. Clear the legal status of all the text.



  1. Get permission for guest musicians.




E. Replication & digital distribution steps

  1. Manufacturing CDs / Vinyl.
  1. Determine how many CDs to make.
  1. Decide on the type of packaging (jewel case, sleeve, etc.) and insert



  1. Get design templates and use qualified design services




  1. Print your own discs




  1. Digital download cards




Artwork & design

  1. Choose a name for the album

2.Get a UPC barcode.

  1. Hire a professional designer for your artwork and design.

Replicate the CD Vinyl

  1. Collect your materials



  1. Proof your design files



  1. Proof your audio master



  1. Don’t hold up the production

Planning your Recording


Name of Group Artist:

Names + Contact details:

Production Ideas.

Production Time Scales.



Assistant Engineer

Song Information



Tempo Key Time Signature

Click Track


Rooms: Control Room Live Rooms




Effects Pedals

Leads (XLRs, Instrument, Patch Leads, Monitors, Power)

Accessories: Pop shields, Headphone Amplifiers, Music Stands, Tuner, Drum Sticks


Mic Stands

Direct Injection

Monitoring (Headphones / IEMs / Wedges)

Media (Song Files, Source Audio, Samples, Blank CDs, USB memory)

Set Up

Diagram of Instrument Positions and Mic Positions (Consider Line of Sight, Screens, Spill, Noise, Comfort)


Equipment Requisition


Recording Schedule


Back-up / Archiving

Pre-session Planning


Lyric writing

Person Responsible

Charlie, Mitchell & Zee



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