Music for Arby ‘n’ The Chief

The Show

Arby ‘n’ The Chief is an independent show filmed and produced by Jon CJG and was originally aired on Machinima as a Machinima original. It’s currently in its eighth season. The show is about two action figures that come to life and communicate with text-to-speech translators (Microsoft Sam and Mike).

The premise seems odd, but I’d recommend it every day, the show is a gem. The man behind the series actually does almost everything by himself, including the music. Jon produces and uploads all of his musical work on his Sound Cloud and YouTube.


Don’t worry, it’s just a gag (the image). Anyways, he’s produced a metric ton of music just for his show and it’s all there to listen to. The show now is a drama with comedy elements but he uses very electronic music themes to accompany the show, save for tastefully chosen moments in which he chooses to use classical music.

My Work

Attached here is a link that will take you to a video which I put together. It’s a side-by-side comparison of the opening credits of the show. The first is the original and the second is my take with some music that I composed. I tried to stay true to the composition style of what Jon would make himself with my own twist on it. It’s a short dubstep piece with techno elements (I think). I tried to emulate the techno vibes while adding a modern beat and then adding a tape filter on the master section to make it sound just that extra bit 360p.


The audience for this show will be mostly male since it revolves mostly around the Halo fandom which is known for being a boys thing. The show itself is quite mature in themes but many comments on the videos of the series reminisce about growing up on the show so younger guys have definitely seen it. The techno theme presides largely as part of the attitude of the show, and since techno in a form like this could be considered ‘old school’ it will appeal to older audiences who may have listened to that type of music either growing up or in their formative years. The show brings up older games and media at times and the old media could be argued to be the link to the ‘old school’ music.


I think I did pretty well. I thought that my piece fit in pretty well there. It was not only composed in the style of something Jon would make but also fits to the cuts of the video. It starts intense and keeps the momentum throughout. I purposely didn’t add a lot of effects because Jon’s production style is simple. One thing I did do as I mentioned before was add a tape filter to the master section to make the piece sound more lo-fi.


It fits especially well since a kind of aggression is suggested after the title credits roll since one of the player avatars is being questioned about his knowledge of the product he seeks. The music almost in a way conveys that aggression. The original sounded quite spacey and dreamy because I think Jon wanted to emulate a shady night club environment (hence the heavily saturated colour and surreal setting). Despite this I think my interpretation works well in its own way since it stays in the criteria of the general style of Jon’s compositions. My piece would appeal to the audience of this show because they want to hear music that sounds like something Jon would make for the series.


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