Borderlands 2 Trailer Music


Borderlands is a game franchise known for it’s iconic art style and outrageous game play. It’s colourful, explosive and in your face. It’s a first person shooter with RPG elements. The games emphasis is on being crazy and wacky and everything from the voice acting to some of the animations are detailed to tailor the psychotic or the insane. It’s R rated though, for the violence and suggestive themes so it pretty much feels like playing an adult cartoon. It was developed by Gearbox and published by 2K games.

Borderlands is chock full of cool things regarding their sound design and score for the game, and there would be lots of content to talk about but the trailer seems most fitting to the theme of engaging with an audience.

The trailer in question is the Borderlands 2 Doomsday trailer:


Well, it’s quite an earful. Very loud and in your face and at first not too dissimilar from most action trailer music. It’s very dramatic, loud and explosive and suggests intensity, violence and grit.

Further in however, things change a little. Instead of the typical generic ominous orchestral score typical of many action or thriller flicks the music begins to pound with a thunderous kick, and then drops with an intense dubstep/electro explosion. Personally, this is very satisfying to hear. As a big EDM and video game fan it’s awesome to see the two come together. the music here works perfectly with the crazy attitude of the trailer to convey intensity with a spot of madness.


Again, I took a peek at what Alexa had to say about people visiting the website for the game:

Mostly males with some form of higher education. The males are mostly over 18 (I played this game when I was 15). Although the target here surely was the young adult gaming community some older players do in fact play Borderlands, most notably a couple of youtubers who post videos of borderlands related content (e.g. yoteslaya RIP). The target audience can be further narrowed down to single out those who are already a fan of the franchise and those who enjoy RPG’s, first person shooters or both.

The music playing in the trailer will appeal to this audience because it’s exciting, dynamic and suggestive of adventure and craziness.


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